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Working in the Middle East

When you commit to living and working abroad and having a family, you often wonder just how long this will last. For me, in my late thirties, I was envious of kitchen islands and crockery and was forever daydreaming about creating ‘my forever home’. However, after living in the Middle East for so long I wasn’t sure where in the world this would be or even what it would look like.

 Learn English Homestay in France?

Me and my husband Owen had been living in Muscat, Oman for four years and had the feeling that we needed to plan our exit strategy. When else would we have the opportunity to plan our own futures with Middle Eastern savings? As lovers of good food and with family already in France, the south of this country quickly became top of our list. We then started to think of starting a business where students could study English in France.  Although we had gotten used to the sun on our skin, we missed the four seasons and our family and friends, and so we started to plan a new life back in Europe.

Pop Up House

We’d long been fans of Grand Designs and it was when Owen showed me a pop-up house that can be built in less than a week that our search began. TF1 showcased this pop-up house, based in Aix en Provence being built outside the town hall in Paris. It was a large, open plan, wooden structure which was energy efficient and modern too. It seemed to pop together like Lego!!

Around this period of time, I returned from work to discover a very excited husband. He’d found Rosso 80 by a company called Casasnatura, ( It could be constructed in 5 days on site, was based in Valencia but delivered to France. ROSS O? Surely it’s a sign we thought, but could we really afford it and how good was the quality?

We booked flights in March to visit the factory in Valencia so that we could make up our mind during our summer holidays. We were certainly excited about the idea of choosing our ‘forever home’ and where to put it.

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