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By November 21, 2017

Ariege, South West France

After our successful visit to see our future home in Valencia, we traveled to the Ariege region of South West France. After a lot of research, we decided that this could be the perfect place to set up an English language immersion business. For our idea to work, we needed to find a place that is beautiful and peaceful for students to study English, is well connected to big cities, and has a wide variety of activities for students to do in the afternoon.

The Perfect Location

Ariege is connected by train to both Toulouse and Barcelona and is only a short drive from Carcassonne. It is close to the mountains which means that there are an amazing range of activities to do all year round and it is very beautiful. After a bit of negotiation, we bought this plot of land between Foix and Pamiers.

It came with a view of the Pyrenees, apple and fig trees, lavender bushes and huge fir trees.  The house will be delivered to our land at the end of June 2018. We will be leaving Oman after six extraordinary years and are excited to welcome students to study English in France at Pyrenees House.

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